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Small businesses and entrepreneurs often feel overwhelmed by the wealth of knowledge available for marketing and content writing. 


You likely feel burnt out… 


Maybe you don’t know where to turn…


Or maybe you completed a quick internet search, only to be left even more frustrated. 



In today’s information-robust world, it’s easy to get lost in the mix of those making false claims or seeking a “quick sale.” But gone are the days of in-your-face advertising and high-pressure transactions. 


That’s why many businesses are turning toward authentic storytelling and its power. 


Authentic communication works. Brands who practice communication authenticity often find:


  • Increased loyalty

  • Enriched messaging 

  • Developed relationships


Authenticity allows your audience to investigate your brand and embrace all that you have to offer. 


But where do you begin? 


Keep reading. 


First, focus on honesty. Be clear and consistent in your communication, but most of all, be you. 


Heather Cherry is an author, copywriter, marketer, and entrepreneur specializing in creating dynamic marketing copy and content for small- to mid-size businesses. She believes in the power of authenticity—implementing the philosophy into her business and for her clients. 


And she’s been on a mission to share her message with fellow authenticity-advocates on various media. 


Click below to listen or watch.

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