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Market Your A$$ Off

Heather Cherry Consulting Content Market
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Empowering Small Businesses with Simple Strategy for Smart Business Marketing.

Market Your A$$ Off is an easy-to-understand marketing guidebook. It is a straightforward approach to marketing for small business owners, team leaders, students, or anyone interested in starting a side hustle or freelance business. This book is for you if you are completely new to marketing but thrown into it, or not quite sure how different types of marketing–i.e. social media marketing and content marketing–work together. You need this book if you're ready to market your ass off! 


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Marketing Book Cover.3.jpg


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Helping businesses target their audience and make an impact.

Heather Cherry is a versatile writer and editor with 15 years' experience creating content. She writes on a variety of topics but specializes in health and wellness content. 

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