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Market Your A$$ Off

Small businesses are increasingly challenged to break through the noise in a world of digital distraction. 

To remain competitive and relevant, small business owners need to become effective marketers. 


But this task is often nonexistent or pushed to the wayside because you’re focused on the daily grind of running your business. You may know you need to do marketing, but aren’t sure where to begin, or worse, you jump on the next trend and only implement halfway. 

Soon, you quit, left with a deep dislike for marketing.

You’ve likely wasted your time and money on ideas you weren’t sure about to begin with.

If you’ve ever felt like this, keep reading.

One of the most common mistakes I see small businesses make is they start marketing their business without understanding who they are trying to target.

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Do you have a buyer persona?

Do you know your target audience and their wants, needs, and desires?

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Your small business marketing cannot be fueled by best guesses and shots in the dark. It needs to be purposeful, but also must be innovative and realistic.


Market Your A$$ Off is a marketing guidebook for small businesses in the modern marketplace. Not only does it discuss marketing tactics and best practices, but it takes you on a journey.


From start to finish, you will develop an understanding of good marketing and how to apply it within your business. You will be intrigued by stories of marketing mishaps, how it relates to your business, and best practices to avoid those pitfalls. 

Each chapter covers a different area of marketing. The chapter topics were chosen and organized from most important tactics to tactics that may or may not be utilized.

Are you ready to Market Your A$$ Off?

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In the first chapter I discuss: 


  • Defining your brand

  • Formulating your branding

  • Establishing your brand identity

  • Recognizing how your branding relates to your audience 

  • Developing your small business brand


Marketing Consultant and Copywriter, Heather Cherry, uses her expertise to educate readers in an approachable way. She teaches businesses how to define their brand, understand their target audience, and navigate the best ways to reach them without maxing out their budget. Downloadable worksheets, available from her website, will help you quickly apply your knowledge to your business.

5.0 out of 5 stars A modern read for today’s marketing concepts


Reviewed in the United States on


October 6, 2020


Verified Purchase

See what others have to say:

Heather does an excellent job explaining the modern marketing demands and challenges facing businesses today. She gives timely examples from her consulting practice and done-for-you documents to download for additional resources. In the marketing world where you have to be on top of the most influential channels to reach your audience, Heather covers it all. Heather gets marketing - a must read for any team to start organizing and strategizing their next campaign or any business owner who needs a resource to get started.

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