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Create copy that

Launch or grow your business with high-quality content!

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Is your marketing team
running on fumes?
Does your small business
not have a marketing team?
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If you need to create content, but don't have the bandwidth to get it done...


You need a freelance copywriter.


One that creates high quality compelling content, never misses a deadline, and sources content for your business like its a literary journal.


Are you ready for an expert copywriter that understands marketing (digital and traditional), and tailors services to meet your specific needs?

Welcome to Heather Cherry Copywriter where each piece of your copy is crafted with diligence and expertise. 


The end result? You have content that converts prospects into leads. 

Don't let your business get lost in the noise.


Contact me today!

Heather  Cherry

I create exceptional content for your website, blog, newsletter, and more!

Content Creation

I can manage your content on the back-end.


Content Management

I can develop tone and voice for branding.


I plan a content strategy so you aren't wasting your marketing budget. 


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Get It Done Write.

Create Compelling Content that Converts Prospects into Leads.

Are you ready to:


Share your story with the world;

Reach your target audience with curated, high-quality Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content;

Generate more leads of your ideal target customer;

Create consistent content for your blog; or

Grow your email list with fans?


Contact me to start creating content today.

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Client Love

If you need a writer, look no further! Heather is amazing at her craft and delivers amazing content. Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable, Heather is definitely an expert in her field. I hired her to write content for a website client and the copy she wrote was spot on. Keyword rich, grammatically correct and interesting to read...everything you need for website copy. Thank you, Heather!

~ Ruthann Bowen, Wix DesignHer

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