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3 Ideas to Generate Awesome Content for Your Blog Today

I recently found myself stuck for an idea for a blog post. Yes, a professional writer got stuck with ideas for a blog post. Which is difficult to admit because I develop content plans for clients.

It happens.

I chalk it up to being pulled in multiple directions and not prioritizing my blog. But the truth is, blogging should always be a priority, even when it feels like it’s not working. Blogging (if done properly) educates consumers, boosts search engine optimization (SEO), and drives traffic to your website.

All great things, unless you can’t come up with a good idea to start writing!

Generating ideas for your blog doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are 3 ideas to start generating awesome content for your blog today:

Write a How-to Article

Consumers are always Googling how to do something. Does your business offer a service or product that solves a problem? Do you have a skill that can add value to your potential customer?

For example, an auto mechanic could create content that teaches their audience how to change a spark plug, how to change your car’s oil, or what to do when the check engine light comes on.

I know what you’re thinking though...

“If I tell them how to do it, they won’t need me.”

That is a scarcity mindset, making us believe we shouldn’t share our secrets. However, consumers today are savvy. If they don’t get the information from you, they’re going to get it from someone else. That someone else might be up selling them or solving other problems. Don’t miss opportunities because of a scarcity mindset.

Interview an Expert

This is my absolute favorite and adds so much value to your business!

Interviewing an expert also opens the opportunity to reach a different audience.

First, research prospective contacts for your interview blog. These contacts could be existing vendors, clients, or industry partners. Then, prepare seven to 10 questions to ask during an interview.

The interview can be conducted via phone, in person, or through email. Whatever works for you and your expert.

Then, transcribe the interview and start crafting your content.

If interview content is new to you, consider hiring a freelance writer to revise and edit your content.

When you post interview content, add images of your expert and link to their social media profiles. This increases engagement and allows you to tap into their audience.

Offer a Personal Anecdote

The fastest way to set yourself apart from the competition is to share a personal story. Consumers want to feel like they can relate to the brands they love. Without relatability, your business just looks (and feels) generic, even if it’s not.

Personal anecdotes can be an intimate overview of how your business got started, or a personal story that inspires action.

The key to sharing a personal story is using storytelling aspects, i.e. setting, characters, plot, theme, narrative arc, etc. Evoke some type of emotion whether its anger, sadness, or joy. If you can make your readers feel emotions, they’re more likely to continue reading (and return).

No matter what the topic is, your blog should be as unique as you and your business. Focus on ideas you are passionate about, even if they aren’t directly related to your business. Set yourself apart from the saturated buying landscape by engaging consumers through how-to help, interviewing an expert, or engaging emotion with a personal anecdote.

Now go get your write on.

Are you ready to take the leap and hire an expert marketing copywriter? Click here to find the right content package for your business.

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